Don't Let Rodents Run Wild in Your Home

Leave rodent control to our locally owned company in Toms River, NJ

You're following your usual routine when you see something scurry across the floor. If you think you saw a mouse, you can't afford to put off a call to the professionals. You need to hire a mouse exterminator as soon as possible.

Fortunately, you can rely on No 'Squitoes Pest Solutions for rodent control services. We can handle all of the mice and rats that are common to Toms River, NJ, including:

Deer mice: Large, brown mice with round faces
House mice: Small, brown mice with pointed faces
Norway rats: Large, gray or brown rats with short tails
Roof rats: Large, black rats with long tails

Call 732-606-5086 now to schedule an appointment. We'll send an expert rat and mouse exterminator to give you a free quote.

Are you dealing with raccoons?

Raccoons might be clever, but they're no match for our pest control experts. You can keep raccoons out of your building - and out of your trash cans - with our help. Reach out to our company owners and sibling team Sal and Frankie now to arrange for raccoon or rodent control services.